Who Am I …

So … this is me. Uncensored. I asked my very talented niece to draw me a character. A character to represent me. My good side and my dark side together. She asked me the simplest question in the world: who are you? And my surprise was that maybe for the first time in my life I answered to this question in a second.


It took me some time, about 40 years. But as an old saying states, it’s never too late. If until now my thoughts were going back and forth when I was asking myself “Who Am I” recently things have changed. I was trying to answer this question because every time I am writing a blog post or an article, like any good self-reviewer, I was looking at the text and I was starting to as ask the right question: “who on earth do you think you are?” “are you for real?” “can you find a decent idea and upgrade the text at least to sixth grade level?”. So I had to answer to the first two of them and hope that the third resolution will come in time. It wasn’t easy. And it might change in the next 40 years.


So … I am Bondan. I am somebody who likes to be serious and also likes to joke. And to joke when I’m serious. And also to be serious when I’m joking. I am shy but I treat myself. I do things with passion and determination. But small doses of fun cannot miss under any circumstances. I like to win, but not without a team. Having no one to share the victory with makes it useless. I do enough mistakes so I am continuously learning. And what I learn I love to share. And now I learned enough to do that. Because until yesterday … I was a newbie.


And you … who are you?

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