I started the year with lot of plans. Awesome plans. All relied on the fact that my kids are going to sleep around 9 PM and I have two good hours to write articles, read, plan. Oh, silly me. Having the third kid of changed my plans. My “free time” was dropped to zero minutes per day. For now at least, a man can only hope.

I must admit that from January up to mid February I continued to hope. And then I didn’t. And right the moment why my hope for this year cool personal projects has vanished I had a beer with my good friend Dan also known as Tzutzu. And from one to another he sais: all the time we meet, we talk, we ramp on different topics and we laugh. Let’s do this in front of a mic and share this good stuff over a podcast. Done deal.

I loved Guy Kawasaki’s story about Silicon Valley. The art of the innovators there is to throw darts to a wall. When one sticks to the wall, they draw the bull-eye around the arrow. Awesome metaphor. 

I feel it happened exactly the same for me. My plans where on a totally different direction. But the life, or Dan, had other plans for me. And I love every piece of it. We called it “Retrospective Agile” because we look at the Agility retrospectively, through our large experience. We also have a facebook page. And you can find our series on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

I will share the episodes here and also I will share more podcast which I found interesting. Enjoy it! I know I am.

Retrospective Agile

Bâlbe din timpul înregistrărilor

December 24, 2020

Un episod special, dedicat bâlbelor din timpul înregistrărilor. Enjoy! 🙂 Read more

Cărți Agile

November 2, 2020

Opțiuni, idei, cunoaștere, emoții, curiozitate, alegeri. Sunt doar câteva dintre ingredientele cu care ne luptăm într-un mod plăcut atunci când citim. Cărțile ne pot oferi perspective noi asupra unui lucru deja știut sau pot să ne stârnească curiozitatea cu o informație nouă. Rămâne la alegerea noastră dacă o depozităm într-un… Read more

Capcane mentale

September 1, 2020

În spatele deciziilor pe care le luăm, a modului în care reacționăm în anumite situații și, de ce nu, a modului în care ne ducem viața, ne place să credem că există o logică bazată pe argumente raționale. Suntem tentați să credem că tot ceea ce facem se întamplă în… Read more

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